It’s Getting Late

Année : 1995
Paroles : Diane Tell
Musique : Diane Tell
Editions : Sony ATV music publishing

Les paroles de la chanson

She was born to marry
To belong to only one man
It almost feels like she’s living
Somebody else’s life and not her own

She was born a woman
And she carries all this weight
Living just like a man would
Except for the tears on her pillow at night

It’s getting late now
And she’s awake
She can’t fake it anymore
She tried to stop so many times before

They say she is gifted
She’s the star they want her to be
And has all the answers
To the questions they ask everyone else

“Well !” she says : “When I was a young girl
I would dream of holding the hand
Of my adored fiancé
And I’m still feeling the same way today

It’s getting late now, I have to go
It sure was nice to spend the time
But you must have a lot of things to do”

She was born to bare a child
And surround him with laughter and joy
Her smile didn’t seem so natural
As she walked out of the press-room alone

It’s getting late now…