Love is so

Année : 1995
Paroles : Diane Tell
Musique : Diane Tell
Editions : Sony ATV music publishing

Les paroles de la chanson

So, there’s another girl
On my baby’s mind
He just told me so
Well is it up to me ?
Is it his affair or an S.O.S. ?

Went for a drive on a rainy night
Along the coast of the Silver Lands
Smoked up the car till a plan became clear

Love is…So…

… I can’t blame the girl
I wore high heel shoes down this hill before
I should be satisfied
Things are what they are
They are nothing more

So many roads I could take from here
Have to pick one and it’s hard to do
With little to go on and a lot to get by

Love is…so…

Wonder what she’s like
Curiosity is just killing me
Well, a lovely lady bird or a sticky fly
She’s a bug to me

Stopped for a beer at a local bar
Ordered a drink then another one
A map on the wall tells me all I should know

Love is…

I should be satisfied…
So there’s another girl
I don’t really care
I know love is so